Sleep Posture

Today’s Topic is Sleep Posture, we all know about the importance of posture during the day at our desk or job, but many don’t think about sleep posture and how it can affect us, its not hard to tell a good nights sleep will elevate our mood and health so here are a few little tips.
Back Sleepers: Best posture during sleep due to the neutral spine alignment which eleviates pressure, you are just more prone to snoring 😉
Side Sleepers: You are more prone to indigestion and nocturnal heart burn and pins and needles in arms and legs.
Belly sleepers: You are more prone to lower back and neck issues as it can cause more pressure on them during your sleep, but this can be helped by adding pillows under your hips and shoulders.

If you suffer from any of these try changing sleep positions to see if it helps you.


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