There is no better way to drop a dress size or pant size, get into incredible shape, and find that fun, sexy body you've always dreamed of than the Fitness BootCamp classes from Ben's Army. Forget the boring gyms with their monotonous treadmills and crowded equipment. Our Fitness BootCamp classes are challenging and keep the fat-burning intensity from start to finish.

Ben's Army's BootCamp is a great group Fitness Program that ensures that every workout is a great workout. Time and time again our methods have been proven to produce results in your strength, fat loss, cardiovascular health and flexibility. This workout is designed to improve your life inside and outside of the gym.

    • Fast fat loss results
    • That extra push to make every workout great
    • A fun and friendly environment
    • Accurate and effective nutritional advice
    • Track your progress with measurements and before and after pictures
    • Education on general health




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Our Fitness BootCamp is for people of all fitness levels and will push you to reach your physical potential. Many of our participants have found that in addition to improved fitness and health, new friendships are formed through the experience. 

Once you start the Fitness BootCamp classes at Ben's Army, you'll be amazed at all the life-changing benefits you'll notice. Just take a look at what you can expect

I'd never been to a gym before until the guy's from work told me about Ben's Army. I decided to give it a try. With a knee reconstruction, 5 kids and a full time job; exercise had been hard for me and it show's at over 110kg (I stopped looking at the scales at 110kg). I was just hoping to lose 10kg in 6 months. Doing two BootCamp's and using the gym 2 to 3 times a week, I lost 15kgs in the first 3 months. My cardio is better than I could ever had expected and my strength has almost doubled what I used to lift. I have had Sharna as my BootCamp instructor and she is just AWESOME! She has a passion for fitness that comes through in her training. I wouldn't have achieved any of my goals without the help, experience and professionalism of Sharna and Ben. I would highly recommend Ben's Army for your fitness and weight loss management. - Gareth Tobin