Hot vs cold therapy

COLD vs. HEATSome people get confused when it comes to the application of cold or heat. There are a few things that you can remember to make it easier;

>Constricts blood vessels which makes their circumference smaller, decreasing how fast the blood moves in and around the area.

>Good for acute injuries.

>Reduces swelling and inflammation.

>Can be used immediately after exercise if you feel you may have ‘overdone’ it or if you feel something not quite right in a muscle or joint. Seek advise from a professional if any discomfort lasts longer than 48 hours.

>Dilates blood vessels which increases the circumference of blood vessels to their max, allowing blood to move quickly.

>Good for chronic or long-standing injuries.

>Heat creams can be used in conjunction with a warm up to improve range of motion in a muscle.

>Decreases stiffness in the body and general muscle pain. The increased blood flow promotes healing in the area it is applied to.

Always seek advice if you’re unsure.

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