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Letter to my trainer

A letter to my trainer…Follows a letter of testimony to how amazing a trainer and person you are. It is not that I…
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Alcohol Destruction

Alcohol Destruction Empty Calories, the body must metabolize calories from alcohol straight away and is unable to use it as energy (weight gain),…
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Are your “Healthy Foods” fooling you too?

Sugar, as my dad would say “silent but deadly”…or was that for something else…. Either way sugar is a killer! You wouldn’t believe…
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Winter Cold and Flu

It happens every year, winter cold and flu’s hit the population and everyone has the sniffles, Do you get the annual cold and…
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Personal Training Ballarat, Bootcamp Ballarat and Mums Bootcamp Ballarat

Ben’s Army provides Personal Training, Bootcamp, Mothers group and Boxercise to Ballarat. Ben’s Army delivers a very unique approach to your training, through our…
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Winter Colds and flues

obviously its a cold and chilly winter and we are noticing a recent spike in sick members recently, the first question we ask…
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Boosting testosterone has become all the rage today, but unless you activate your body’s innate ability to do it naturally you will have…
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