Ben’s Army Ballarat Fat Loss Explained by Pie :-)

Ben’s Army Ballarat
Fat loss explained by Pie!
👉 Your first priority for fat loss goals is nutrition.. a consistent balanced diet with plenty of protein is required for any fat loss to be achieved.
👉 Second is Resistance training (weights). Its crucial and helps to retain lean body mass through fat loss, aka muscle tone.
Cardio is the last resort, despite what most people think it does not burn the most calories. Primarily its for fitness and endurance, or a quick endorphin release.
👉 Last of all Sleep and Stress is an all round thing and is most important. Sleep is where your body does most of its recovery and healing, where as Stress releases hormones that sabotage any kind of progress (more details on this to come).
💪 Make sure you put in energy that works for you the best!
Any questions be sure to ask our Personal trainers
Coach Davies.

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