About Bens Army

Ben’s Army began in 2012 from a pure passion for fitness. Ben and Sharna take a hands on approach to running their gym. They aren’t the type of business owners that sit behind a desk all day, they are the heart and soul of every program and have many personal training clients themselves.

Ben’s Army is family own and run business we greet you by name, we understand you and your goals and we care about your progress.

At Ben’s Army we believe workouts should be fun! Our gym is most complemented on for our atmosphere as is an all round fun and friendly gym. but don’t take our word for it read our many testimonials to see for your self.

Since opening Ben’s Army has helped over 800+ Ballarat residents achieve their fitness and fat loss goals through our unique and highly personalized blend of couching, support and accountability packed into each and every program we offer.

Unlike other facilities taking you through “one-size-fits-all” workouts that fail to deliver results, our services focus on customizing your program to achieve the exact fitness results you want and need.

Knowledge is key to achieving any weight loss or muscle gain. At Ben’s Army we provide nutritional programs so that your journey doesn’t end when you finish your workout.

We help change you’re a lifestyle not just a waist line.


Tiffany Barrow

I chose to train at Ben’s Army because I recognized Sharna from school, I felt comfortable around her and after seeing her amazing transformation I was sold!I love everything about this gym, the trainers are amazing, everyone is so friendly and no one judges.Whilst I have been with Ben’s Army I have lost a total of about 11kg as well as toned up heaps. Most importantly I have gained great friends.

The Reason I chose Ben’s Army was because its in a great up and coming location and I seen results from other clients on Facebook. What I most enjoy about Ben’s Army is that they take the time to focus on my needs and my goals. They are very committed to help me achieve them. I have become stronger and fitter since being with Ben’s Army, I have a much healthier diet and my self confidence is at a all time high.

Duncan Mclntosh

I came to Ben’s Army because of the friendly caring nature of all of the trainers. The atmosphere at Ben’s is awesome, unbelievable place to train. I love that the trainers work their clients to their limits but never beyond what they can handle so that everyone can achieve their goals safely.

I started at Ben’s Army at 68.8kg of skin and bone and now I am currently 71.0kgs I am very happy with my progress.

Nathan McCallum

I chose Ben’s Army for two reasons, it’s a friendly gym and very spacious. I love that I get pushed to my limits, this is great because I wouldn’t do it on my own. The great tunes help me go harder. I have put on 2.5 kgs in 3 weeks of PT with Ben.

Emma Jolly

I chose Ben’s Army because you get the results! The friendly/family atmosphere makes working out fun instead of a chore. The trainers are lovely, caring and down to earth. I LOVE YOU ALL!

I have lost so many centimeters I have lost count but most importantly I have gained such a confidence boost and I feel a lot healthier.