4D Fitness

Semi Private Personal Training 

What is Semi Private Personal Training?
Its NOT a Bootcamp
Controlled numbers of 2-6 
Structured 4D Training Sessions
50% Cheaper than Normal Personal Training 

All Aspects of Fitness Covered

  • Stretching: We all need to stretch more to stay limber, we will go through all the important stretches and foam rolling techniques to get you feeling flexible again.

  • Strength: This part of fitness isn't designed to grow massive muscles, its to make our day to day lives easier and to give us more confidence in day to day activities.

  • Cardio: We all need to kept our cardiovascular system nice and strong, All aspects of our training will involve cardio based exercises to kept your heart pumping to get best results for you.

  • Core: A strong core helps in so many ways, Its all to easy top neglect our core and focus on the beach body muscles but we won't skip them as we truly understand the importance of our core.